LOFI: Whitepaper



2022 - Q2
  • LOFI EQ, the closed-beta version released
2022 - Q3
  • LOFI EQ, the open-beta version released
  • LOFI Pods minting
  • $LOFI to list on IDO launchpads
2022 - Q4
  • $LOFI to list on ICO exchanges
  • LOFI Mic to release and LOFI Station, LOFI’s community platform


2023 - 1st half
  • LOFI DeFi features to be added with staking to provide liquidity & LOFI’s DEX
  • LOFI Station to be added to allow streamers to upload content
2023 - 2nd half
  • LOFI to extend all forms of content, such as video, image, or digital content as a central component of the platform.