Make your time worthy on Twitch, LOFI EQ!

Earn $BUZZ tokens while watching content on Twitch, and donate to your favorite streamers with $BUZZ.
  • In addition to donations, you'll be able to experience various functions with streamers such as membership-only content, personalized videos, and 1:1 video calls with $BUZZ.

Watch your favorite streamers on Twitch with LOFI EQ!

You can select a streamer on Twitch and move to LOFI EQ through the share function, or you can search for a Twitch streamer on LOFI EQ.

More fun! (TBU)

Check the rankings of your favorite streamers and donation rankings, etc. Through the leaderboard, compete with other fans and contribute to your favorite streamers more.
Join a community of like-minded users on LOFI;
  • Find Twitch streamers, search content, and connect with fans through the LOFI community.
  • Have conversations about your interests, favorite streamers, and more!

Download LOFI EQ and enjoy Twitch streams more!

Last modified 5mo ago