Frequently Asked Questions
What is LOFI?
  • The LOFI Project reimagines what the live streaming ecosystem could be, by making live stream viewing more productive and rewarding.
  • Viewers lead the streaming ecosystem by watching, earning, and contributing to a sustainable streaming industry. The LOFI team is reinventing a healthier streaming ecosystem and bridging the lifestyle between Web2 and Web3.
What is LOFI EQ?
  • LOFI EQ is a Watch-to-Earn social entertainment platform built for live stream viewers, with the goal of providing more substantial rewards for their watch-time($BUZZ, $LOFI), direct pathways to donate to their favorite streamers, and fun ways to enhance LOFI Pods NFT to increase earnings.
  • Earnings can be used in-app to unlock certain features and improve viewer’s NFTs, or can be traded on the exchanges.
What exactly is W2E?
  • Both streamers and viewers can be rewarded for their contribution to the live stream and LOFI ecosystem.
  • Streamers will be able to avoid traditional hassles related to donations and settlement periods while viewers can earn $BUZZ tokens if they hold the LOFI Pods NFT.
As an NFT holder, how do I actively engage with the LOFI ecosystem?
  • As a viewer, the LOFI EQ application is the place for you to settle down, available on Android and iOS.
  • Watching streams from the LOFI EQ application will grant you automatic rewards.
What is LOFI Pods?
  • LOFI Pods is an NFT used in the LOFI EQ app to earn $BUZZ tokens as a viewer for watching streams.
  • Wearing Pods and earning tokens are done through gamified mechanisms that make watching live streams more engaging and rewarding. The gamified aspect allows you to tweak your LOFI Pods, from leveling up and unlocking extra features, mingling with the attributes at will!
How can I get LOFI Pods?
  • LOFI Pods NFT can be acquired by minting at a specially set time, announced on LOFI’s social channels. After minting ends, LOFI Pods can be purchased in the in-app marketplace.
$BUZZ? $LOFI? How do these tokens work?
  • $BUZZ is the utility token.
  • $LOFI is the governance token - Max supply of 10 Billion (10,000,000,000).
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