LOFI: Whitepaper
LOFI Transforms You Into NFT Avatars. Stay Tuned!
LOFI is evolving towards a metaverse communication hub where users can express their values and actively interact with others free and openly as a form of streaming, and communicating bridging between all users (streamers and viewers).
LOFI enables perfect real-time matching of the user’s face with the NFT. Users can appear in their favorite NFTs, stream, and communicate on streaming or social platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Skype, Zoom, etc. Our AI-driven technology empowers breathing life and ingenuity into their NFTs free and openly via diverse activities in the ecosystem. We allow users to gather and engage in social activities using both short form videos and texts, converging towards a strong community.
From the streamer's perspective, the more they live-stream, the more $LOFI tokens they can earn by saving the commission rate and getting substantial benefits. With LOFI's live streaming plug-in, streamers can make more money than existing YouTube and Twitch. From the viewer's perspective, using the LOFI live streaming plug-in they can donate either cash or a $BUZZ token to streamers they want to support.
When first entering the world of LOFI, any NFT holders can claim $BUZZ tokens based on their social influence and contribution to the LOFI ecosystem by simply connecting the wallets. Subsequently, users can earn rewards in the most efficient and fun ways through live-streaming, sponsoring, watching, and communicating with others while enjoying LOFI’s universe. The value of the token is beyond imagination. Not only will $LOFI holders get their LOFI token back from Community Treasury, but they also earn t0okens just by watching the show. Also, if you work hard on live streaming, you can get a sponsorship (donation) with a $BUZZ token. Due to its live streaming-based nature, its liquidity is high, which is a very positive sign for the value of the LOFI & BUZZ token. LOFI will continue to expand, and the $BUZZ token used in these ecosystems will continue to evolve.

Note: Contents in the Whitepaper could change in the future.


LoFi Pods: NFTs for Viewers
LoFi Mic: NFTs for Streamers


Utility Token: $BUZZ
Governance Token: $LOFI
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